Meet Katrice Mackay

I have spent most of my life in Provo. I attended Edgemont Elementary, Farrer Middle School and Timpview High School. I am also a graduate of BYU’s Marriott School of Business.

After college, I spent several years outside of Utah. I worked for Gap Corporate in the Bay Area, and then opportunities took me to Seattle, where I worked in advertising. In Washington State, I happily started a little family. But life changed and suddenly I was a single mother, with two little ones, and so I moved back to Provo, to be near family and the place I loved. I got a job at a software company, while studying for the GMAT and earned a scholarship to attend BYU for my Masters. I also met my husband John “Dewey” MacKay, and for the last ten years we have been happily raising our four children in South Provo, and more recently, back to Edgemont. In addition to my children, I have been helping my sister with her start-up, which has grown into a global skin care company.

I am deeply passionate about volunteer work and have volunteered in various capacities throughout my life – including the rape crisis line, rape counseling, hospice, church service and the PTA/PTO.  Over the past decade I have become aware of the important role of local government, and I feel that now can serve the wider community of Provo.

We live in one of the best cities in the country for quality of life, family, and regional economy. I want to work with the community to maintain all those wonderful qualities, and build on our successes as Provo advances rapidly into the future.