“I am happy to join the chorus of others supporting Katrice Mackay for Provo City Council. I have been privileged to know Katrice since she was a dynamic young lady. Then, as now, she was extremely bright, committed, and persistent. Among other things, Katrice will make sure that our interests of Mothers are represented on the Provo City Council. Further, her conservative values and love of Provo from her youth will ensure a Provo that we can all love for years to come”

David BradfordCEO & Co-Founder, 3dMeet/FluentWorlds

“Katrice understands the needs of Provo. She seeks input from all citizens and will be a genuine advocate for the people. She is a driven leader who knows how to make things happen.”

Amelia Powers GardnerUtah County Commissioner

“I’ve known Katrice for a decade and she’s a straightforward and trustworthy person that is committed to fighting for family values. I’ve watched her navigate challenging situations with poise, intelligence and determination. If Katrice says she’s going to do something—consider it done. I couldn’t be more pleased to endorse Katrice for Provo City Council.”

Vess PearsonCEO - Aptive Environmental

“Katrice MacKay is prepared for this moment. Beyond her leadership and community involvement to date, no one will care more or act with greater effectiveness to meet and exceed the needs of Provo City. Her efforts to enhance the future of this community—at such a critical time of growth—are exactly what the city of Provo and this council stand in need of.”

Andrea and James Clarke

“I'm excited to support Katrice MacKay for Provo City Council. She has great vision!
She knows the issues in the city and region, and has the tenacity and skill to create needed change and protect what needs to be preserved.”

Julie FullmerMayor - Vineyard City

“I am thrilled to offer my endorsement for Katrice for Provo City Council. Katrice has a strong desire and the ability to help maintain and to improve our way of living in Provo.”

Paula Chugg

“I am pleased to support Katrice in her bid for Provo City Council. Katrice has demonstrated a strong interest in protecting and preserving the many benefits that our community offers.”

Bruce Chugg, Chugg Wealth Strategies

“Amid the exponential growth dynamics facing our community, we need leadership that understands the consequential impact of growth; leadership that can balance the demands of growth against the needs of our community and assures the quality of life that has drawn us to one of the most sought after places to live in the country. We need conservative leadership that understands and can manage our tax dollars without succumbing to the temptations of spending what we don’t have, or taxing what we shouldn’t. We need conservative leadership that listens and cares and measures governmental response consistent with the values of our community. We need conservative leadership that protects the principles of limited government while providing the basic necessities of our community and the values we espouse. We need conservative leadership that can help build a sustainable infrastructure in our community with the foresight to what lies ahead. Katrice Mackay reflects these values and has the capacity to lead in this manner. She is an amazing woman who gets it – and most critically, she cares and is willing to step into the fray. Provo needs the leadership of Katrice Mackay to be a voice of reason and responsibility that reflects the values of the Provo community.”

David Parker

“Katrice is a problem solver, creative thinker, and a community-minded advocate. She will work hard to advance all neighborhoods and businesses throughout Provo City and keep our city a thriving place to live, work, and play.”

Paul Evans

“Katrice has compassion and empathy for people. She loves our community and will represent us well. She has had her share of trials in life, but you’d never know it by her continuous cheery countenance. I admire her integrity, fairness, and leadership. I have been personally impacted by her willingness to stand up for what is right. I am excited and pleased to endorse her for the Provo City Council.”

Steven Orton

“I’ve known Katrice for many years. I’ve seen her excel as a dedicated professional, PTO leader, and as an amazing mother! She is a level-headed leader that is able to handle problems that may arise in a calm and smart way. Katrice is kind and respectful to everyone with whom she associates. Our family will be voting for Katrice.”

Mary Hill

Whitney McGowan
Sue Curtis
Christine Whatcott & Cameron Whatcott
Brian and Bonnie Morrow
Lisa Call
Kynan and Jennifer Griffin
Tom and Mary Kirkham
Weston and BriAnna Minnick
Jeff and MaryAnne Grigg
Anne and Bryan Allen
John and Jennifer Schefer
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