We have all chosen to live in Provo because of the high quality of life. As Provo grows we need to keep the charm that has made it the best place to live, work, and play.


Having lived in a variety of neighborhoods in Provo, I recognize that each neighborhood is unique and each neighborhood has its own concerns and as a city our zoning should reflect this. As projects, changes, and other items are brought forward, I pledge to listen to every neighborhood in Provo.


Provo needs to compete with our neighboring cities to attract a good mix of retail and other businesses. By having a business friendly attitude we can attract good paying jobs and the type of commercial businesses our residents desire, so the Whole Foods and Apple stores of the world come to Provo.


I love living in Provo because we have great assets in our parks, extensive trail systems, mountain passes, waterfalls and other open spaces-and we want more!  My family enjoys visiting our parks and walking along the Provo River-which is one of our most underutilized assets. Together we need to work to keep our parks and natural resources beautiful.